Visiting Scholar

Visiting Scholar

The students are back here at Virginia Theological Seminary and I’m struck by what a very nice lot they are. I especially like the ones who mistake me for a perspective student on interview – I must look young! I am introduced as a visiting scholar which sounds very grand but brings special priviledges in the Bishop Payne Library. Dr Budde, the Head librarian, shows me around the quarter of a million books and periodicals. I have been give a small study in the library which is furnished with paper and pens. My lap top completes all that is necessary for hours of harmless time passed creatively! I quickly find some books in the pastoral theology section and am glad to report that they have my own volumes – a couple of which look very unread !! Everything – well almost everything – here in America is done on a much larger scale. That includes religion and theological education.

My excitement can hardly be contained when I get into the electronic journals on line! A feast of articles from across the globe .. I browse in philosophy and art, politics and geography. You wouldnt believe how patchy my geography of the States is!

I think that the Episcopal Church is in good heart – I am impressed by the intelligence and rigour and seriousness of ministry here. There is a quality and depth about church life. We have much to learn from it.

Thanks to Cliff Morrey (probably) my blog viewing figures have soared to dizzy heights ! Kind lot – I’m sure it won’t last! I hope that visitors to the virtual Temple Balsall will also increase as a result of my buisness cards! Back to my books and space.

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