To speak or not to speak on a lazy Sunday?

To speak or not to speak on a lazy Sunday?

We all have our habits and mine is a large coffee absolutely first thing. Thankfully we have a Starbucks a block away and it has become my regular haunt – ‘ Its my English sugar’ exclaims the waitress ‘speak to me – I love that English accent’ – friendly but a bit forward if you ask me! Today (Sunday) the Regular Brew is Komodo Dragon Blend. And here is a description of the taste

Big and Bold

with herbal, spicy, earthy notes.

Each sip of this full bodied coffee evokes the lushness of the Asia/Pacific Region.

Well – that is marketing for you – and all that I can tell you is that it does taste good – or as they would say here – real good. I sit and watch the world go by – runners and folks parking for the Lutheran Church service. Folks walking dogs and children – sometimes separately and sometimes together! I have my notebook (see my post on 14th of April 2008 ) and write some postcards to my sisters and nephews. I can’t quite get the sense of Sunday – but it certainly is quieter and the vast bundle of paper called the ‘Sundays ‘seems to be the favourite companion to the lush liquid in Starbucks. I am reminded of the importance of Sabbath – rest and rhymn- we neglect this cycle at our peril. This is the first time that I have evet had an extended amount of weekends – and it has transformed my view on time and especially ‘Church Time’.

Ever ready to expand my spiritual horizons I decide to go Quaker – there is a Friends Meeting House on Woodlawn Avenue and 57th street. I arrive at 10.20 and there is a small group of folks in the main meeting room in prayer. I join them and close my eyes. Gradually the room fills up – no start time or leader – the assembly moves into silence and more silence. It is both reassuring and challenging to keep focussed. In the hour three people get up and say something – a rather personal few sentences about love; another reflection which I cannot hear (no microphone system ) and a political plea for tolerance. In the background there is the smell of coffee on the brew and children playing happily in the creche. Here is a place where there is no debate about Iraq – on the window facing outwards is the following bold words

Everyday in Iraq

Costs you 720 million dollars

How would you spend it?

Little argument with that!  At the end we are asked to introduce ourselves – I get the prize for coming the farthest distance! In the notices they worry aloud about the ageing meeting and how they are going to attract younger people. Some things never change where ever on the planet you may be!!

I am glad of the silence and am reminded that we need it and we need to practice it daily. How about building into your day some quiet time?? 

A quick snack and then to the library – yes, I know that it is Sunday – but time us precious and there are a lot of books to read!!


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