The Speaker

The Speaker

The Speaker

(BBC 2 14th April 2009 8 – 9pm)



What makes for a good speech? How do those of us who are tasked to speak become better (more convincing) speakers? What is a significant speech?

Young people from across the country are gathered together and offered an opportunity to speak in various places. They are given the chance to offer pre – prepared pieces and then put into large arenas to speak on a variety of subjects without notes or period of preparation.

There is a great range of styles and cultural and educational backgrounds. There is an extraordinary range of personalities but they share enthusiasm and a desire to communicate. What happens to us when under pressure? What do we need to prove?  Can an introvert, filled with self doubt make a good speaker?

And what about the audience? Can we keep their attention? Can we illuminate, challenge, convince, amuse, change and enthuse?

And the message? What gives us the energy to want to fire ourselves and others with some conviction?

The programme opens up a range of fundamental questions about communication and especially the necessity for us all to find a voice. Good and challenging television.


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  1. Dear James,
    I was sorry to miss not one but all of your farewell parties and in particular your last service. As someone who has read all of your blogs I do hope that you continue blogging. Val and I hope to see you on the 23rd but Cliff Morrey wants to charge extra for the crutches!
    Best Wishes

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