The Pleasures of Ageing?

The Pleasures of Ageing?


    “Suppose we all lived to be 125, or 185; how would we
live? It’s a frightening idea, because it’s a deep denial of
something fundamental to the human experience…

    Life extension isn’t even enough as a goal. [Scientists] want
to prevent dying, to say that dying isn’t really necessary to the
human condition… What is it we’re not willing to entertain? That
aging has actual pleasures? What ever happened to the pleasure of
aging? I guess that’s it: we don’t see it as pleasure. I don’t know
what you experience, but I certainly experience pleasure in many
ways, and different kinds of pleasure than earlier in life: Sitting
back and letting things happen. Speaking out, and damn what others
think. Watching birds, or people. My appreciation of music has
become much more acute, even if my hearing is a little less.”

    For the full interview with the late James Hillman, visit:

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