The Daily Grind??

The Daily Grind??

Well it’s September and who would know it – where has the summer gone…. if we ever had one?


August is over and for many it is back to work and school and the daily grind.  For some this is very stressful, added to which is the uncertainty caused by the present economic crisis.


A poll of more than 1,000 working UK adults suggests that one in three people are expecting to be very busy over the coming months and as many as one in eight are ‘dreading’ the prospect of returning to a new season at work.


We live in a stressed and stressful world.


Here is a prayer offered by the Church of England for all who are feeling apprehensive this first week of September.


Dear God

You know me. Don’t you?  I’m not just a person on a bus or a train.

I’m not just another face on CCTV; or just another login name.

I’m me, and I have stuff going on.


Love life issues; bills to pay.  Egos at work to deal with; an overflowing inbox.

So please, give me strength.  Guide me to focus on what’s really important.  And help me make the most of every moment of this new day in this new month.




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