Temple Balsall

Temple Balsall

For those of you unfamiliar with this special place visit www.leveson.org.uk 


Today a new chapter in the life a place that is very important to me begins – a new Vicar of the Parish and Master for the Foundation of Lady Katherine Leveson – the Reverend Kathy Lloyd Roberts. The place and its new priest, the work of the Foundation and the life of the parish will very much in my thoughts and prayers today. Moving On and forward – building upon what has been left and redirecting the energy and good will are part of the evolving growth of any place. I can picture the Church and its gathered people as a new ministry is inagurated and blessed by the Bishop of Birmingham.

All the very bestof my love to you all on this important day.

Here is a picture that expresses for me soemthing of the hope and promise of a new beginning


and a prayer

God our Father, Lord of all the world,
we thank you that through your Son
you have called us into the fellowship
of your universal church.
Hear our prayer for your faithful people
that in their vocation and ministry
each may be an instrument of your love.
Give us the needful gifts of grace;
through our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.


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