Temple Balsall Heritage Weekend

Temple Balsall Heritage Weekend

Well its Friday and a crowd of folks are making havoc on my front lawn putting up tents and tables and chairs. The weather has been somewhat unpredictable ( how about that for an understatement ??) But it is all go for the most significant weekend of the year.

I am quite amazed at what this weekend brings out – 15 000 postcards distributed; cakes and preserves lovingly made; time given; energy shared; requests for donations and sponsorship responded to with generosity; newspaper articles; photographs; volunteers and so much more are part of the exceptional picture that shapes this open weekend.

Getting ready for visitors. Please come . Be patient with the slow movement of traffic and car share if you can. You will find something for everyone and a warm welcome – and I hope a dry one!!

For further information see www.leveson.org.uk.

One thought on “Temple Balsall Heritage Weekend

  1. Gosh were there people on your lawn at 6am>>> Post time ?

    Well whatever the time or the weather we will have a good time at TB this weekend
    – and I hear Mike has been working hard at avoiding us all getting stuck in muddy fields – God bless him for his hard work

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