Taking Time

Taking Time




For those of you who know me a little – you will recognize these adjectives:

  • busy
  • on the go
  • energetic
  • active
  • engaged
  • at work
  • active
  • on duty
  • industrious
  • engrossed

Well – there is of course in new work plenty to do and see and learn. But what are the oppposites of such adjectives?

  • idle
  • quiet
  • restful
  • tranquil
  • comfortable
  • hushed
  • peaceful
  • still
  • calm

In work and in life there must be a balance between the two ends of this described spectrum. For intelligence and wisdom there must be both engagement and silence. How do we achieve the balance between the two? How do we help each other to take time?





















idle, quiet, unbusy, unemployed, unengaged

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