Sunday Pause for Thought – The Thirteenth Sunday after Trinity

Sunday Pause for Thought – The Thirteenth Sunday after Trinity


The Thirteenth Sunday after Trinity


Common Worship Lectionary

Proper 18


Exodus 12.1–14 Instructions for celebrating the first Passover
Psalm 149 God is on Israel’s side
Romans 13.8–14 Awake from sleep – put on the armour of light
Matthew 18.15–20 Reprove sinners; bind and loose on earth and in heaven


We all live with the past – a wonderful combination of blessings and burdens. Let us pray that we commemorate past blessings with joy. The Passover meal tells of the great release to which the meal was the preview and gives us a promise of Jesus as active redeemer. Paul reminds us of the commands to love and to live the good life, always in the setting of the urgency of God’s call. We need to heed the wise teaching that we hear and to ask others to support us on our journey of discipleship.


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