Sunday Pause for Thought Trinity 15 : God has No Favourites

Sunday Pause for Thought Trinity 15 : God has No Favourites

Sunday 24 September 2017

The Fifteenth Sunday after Trinity


Common Worship Lectionary

Proper 20

Exodus 16.2–15 The Lord sends manna from heaven
Psalm 105.1–6, 37–45* God’s faithfulness to Israel
Philippians 1.21–30 Living is Christ and dying is gain: live worthy lives
Matthew 20.1–16 Parable of the labourers in the vineyard


Discipline is the dominant note as God’s people grumble their way through the wilderness. God’s care is firm but tangible. In our struggles we need encouragement and Paul shows his converts at Philippi what good and wise encouragement looks like. No parable of Jesus strikes us more shockingly than Matthew 20 – what sort of world is it about? It is not about our world, but God’s – where fortunately for us, his grace takes no account of our deserts. Pray to be glad that God has no favourites.


These lectionary resources were originally written for RSCM Sunday by Sunday magazine and are reprinted here with their permission.

For further information about their work do visit

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