Sunday Pause for Thought : Ninth Sunday after Trinity 2017

Sunday Pause for Thought : Ninth Sunday after Trinity 2017


These lectionary resources were originally written for RSCM Sunday by Sunday magazine and are reprinted here with their permission.

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Sunday 13 August 2017

The Ninth Sunday after Trinity


Common Worship Lectionary/Revised Common Lectionary

Proper 14


Genesis 37.1–4, 12–28 Joseph dreams he will become great and tells his brothers, who sell him into slavery
Psalm 105.1–6, 16–22, 45b* Praise for God who rescued Joseph from slavery and Egypt from famine
Romans 10.5–15 Confessing Jesus as Lord leads to salvation
Matthew 14.22–33 Jesus walks on water and rescues Peter from sinking



The Gospel reading gives us a picture of God’s utter reliability in life’s storms. Yet on our part, trusting God can always be strengthened, as testing may show. The family strife that led into Joseph’s being sold into Egypt’s will in due course reap huge benefits for his people. Paul reminds us that God’s acceptance is open to all – Jews and Gentiles alike can join in the faith of Jesus. We might therefore pray to accept gladly that God has no favourites, and that we should all deepen our trust in God’s love and power.


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