Selfridges – Birmingham

Selfridges – Birmingham

My parents arrives this weekend to say good bye to good old Brum and especially dear old Temple Balsall. I decided to park their bag safely in the car and go for a wander. My attempt to buy a copy of Pesvner failed and I couldnt spot anything else interesting on the New shlves of Borders. Do people ever use all those cookery books I wonder? The book entitled Grow your own drugs is a BBC Two series –  what next I thought especially as the lad on the front cover looked hardly old enough to drive! Now this is a sign of old age.

While in the Bull Ring we went to see Selfridges. My mother was shocked at the price if jumpers and Dad just irritated by the endless procession of young assistants asking if if needed any help. We escaped to the foodhall to see the piles of chocolate eggs and other array of goodies.

Then to the outside to see the extraordinary shape of this building reflecting he sunshine. I think of the transformation of this city over these past two decades….. and wonder what else will emerge?


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