“Feed my Sheep”

A Tribute to a Priest I am Proud to Call Friend

On the Anniversary of His Ordination


In that moment,

The Luminous creases,

draws back the curtain;

Celestial, sacred, mystery stands unapologetically revealed.

In that corporeal touch

You were transformed,

Marked; banished; publicly acknowledged; indelibly sealed.

God’s most beloved;

God’s highly favoured;

God’s Holy Fool and Plaything

Honed and refined.

Wrestling with uncertainty,

Named for all Eternity,

Scorched by Sacred Wisdom,

You can hear Sophia grumble as

Angels whisper on the wing,

“Prophet voice; hear your call; search God’s mind.”


Humbled into wordlessness,

Hands anointed you for your journey;

Uplifted, dragged, wrestled,

Upheld in consternation until

Unabashed you priest among us,

To unsettle the congealed.

Imago Dei; God’s present;

Human fallible;

Grace embellished;

You raise your hands

And incantation pray.

Channel the Divine Presence;

Interpret the hidden Deity;

kneel before such Majesty

And know only,

“You are mine”.


© Jane Wallman-Girdlestone 29th June 2011

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