Plas – Yn – Rhiw

Plas – Yn – Rhiw

I realize that part of the secret of spritual happiness is to nurture contentment with ones’ lot – and my lot is a good one – you would be surprised at what a short absence does to the heart’s affections! However that doesn’t stop me, from time to time, coveting things!

Have you ever come across a house and wondered what it would be like to live there? Are there places that you would like to live – or places where your mind wanders?

The sea has an enduring attraction and fascination for many of us. Imagine a house with breathtaking views over the sea tucked away below the hills – isolated but not too remote! Here is the road to Plas – Yn- Rhiw :

It is magical and has everything necessary for salvation! A large open hallway – a book lined dining area – a terraced garden leading down to the sea – and tucked below the foot of Rhiw hill overlooking the mountains of Merioneth. To the west is Aberdaron and the end of the Lleyn is four miles away. Sheltered but guarded by sea, fields, hills and sea. Perfection.

Here is the House:

Where would you like to live? What do we need from a house to make it into our home? If could could choose your final view on this earth what would it be?

Thank goodness for the Keating sisters who left this gem and much of the land around it to the National Trust for us all to envy and enjoy!!

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