Peter Lanyon

Peter Lanyon

I love surprising discoveries. As a very enjoyable lunch last week in a London restaurant in Notting Hill this particular picture captured my imagination. I was sitting opposite it and amazed at its rhythmic and soothing effect. Painted by a Cornishman, influenced by American abstract Expressionists (especially Jackson Pollock) Lanyon is  rooted in the Cornish landscape. Looking at this gave me a extraordinary sense of being in nature.

Have a look closely at it.

Painted in 1958 and entitled Barley Wind it is an extraordinary exhibition of fluid movement and energy. The quick, stabbing brushstrokes, particularly noticeable in the upper half of the painting give a sense of the waving movement of barley field scene from a high vantage point.

The wonderful thing about such discoveries is that it opens up  another avenue of visual exploration. I am looking forward to seeing more of his work.

The food and the conversation  were also very good that day ?

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