On the Road

On the Road

I travel upto Durham today to see my parents and catch up before Christmas – the card drop will save a fortune and Christmas isnt Christmas without on of my mothers cakes! this is a special year for them – on Christmas eve they celebrate 50 years of marriage.

The north feels so much part of me – even though I havnt lived there since 1979. I love the cold wind that blows in from the north sea – the open space and the friendly communities that have shaped my life for good.

I am hoping on Friday to return to the place of my ordination – Durham Cathedral – and give thanks for the many blessings of life and ministry as I apporoach nearly twenty five years a priest. I could never have guessed where life would lead me all those years ago as a young man I processed down the Cathedral for my ordination.

But the M1 is a long road…. so think of me on it !

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