Obama and the Audacity of Hope

Obama and the Audacity of Hope

senatorbarackobamaA historic night and extraordinary victory for Barack Obama. How far he has travelled and do not under estimate the radical choice that the American people have made. He is a powerful symbol of change, inclusion and liberation.

Obamas book The Audacity of Hope. It is a very good book indeed – he has a fluent, commanding and convincing style of prose. It is a fascinating insight into US politics and history. He writes movingly about himself without pretence. There is self mockery and self knowledge. We share the same age so some of the themes of growing up, university and making our way are familiar. Obama forges an identity and authority all of his own and I can understand how and why he has becoome such an attractive politician. He shares Blair’s freshness ( in the early days before power took its toll) and openness.

There is political positioning here – as policies, values and postions are articulated. And you can taste the amibition – to become the most powerful human being in the universe! There are some flabby platitudes¬† amidst the ‘I am a very nice human being’ bit ( which is convincing) but he has an enviable elastic mind demonstrated as he moves from a discussion of the constitution to foriegn policy and beyond. He invents and reinvents himself and the prose is grounded in experience of observing and listening to life.

There is edge. And sharp criticism especially of Bush and the Iraq War wich he describes as unnecessary and misguided. He goes further in savaging Bush’s Ownership Society where many have lost out to the few. His dream of a wider ownership and democracy of opportunity for business and education are attractive in the way that many sweeping aspirations are. Good in theory but rather more problematic in practice as the last ten years of Labour Government have taught us in the UK.

He is very convincing about his faith Рand particularly how his beliefs have changed through conversation and relationship with different people. 

So let us see what emerges from this choice. Obama is a fascinating politician and a level headed human being! We could all do well to follow his example of expressing our core values and how they shape our lives.

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  1. This is a must read for anyone interested in knowing Obama. It is like a window to the man’s soul. I read the book almost a year after he was elected President and it struck me how much of the same arguments he presented in the book he later used during the campaign and during his first year as president.

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