New Year Resolutions : Dig deeper into God

New Year Resolutions : Dig deeper into God




a tree



is a tree said Kabir

a tree in the forest; when the woodsmen come

to cut Him down

He will not defend Himself

He will not shame them.


And God, he said,

is the earth

an endless wonder

that allows Himself

to be ruined by us

but He weeps

yes, He weeps

but only in front of close friends.


And God is that animal

endlessly beautiful

that someone, somewhere

is beating, is hurting

but not even that

can make God break

his silence, and say


for God’s sake, why

are you doing this to Me?


The humility of God

is endless, endless

said Kabir

and wept.



One thought on “New Year Resolutions : Dig deeper into God

  1. God……..
    Doesn’t feel, hear, and see like I do…
    Is in no way vulnerable, helpless or dependant by any of those attributes or qualities that makes ME vulnerable and dependant…..
    He is my Creator, He knows me better than anyone….
    He is closer to me than anyone….
    He is Majestic, Powerful, All Knowing, All Seeing…..
    NO one can describe Him better than Himself………I may use words of my own, but all this is insufficient to describe HIM who has Himself created me….
    His is all the Planets, all Universes and everything that is in it…
    When I see the Sky, The Mountains, and the Oceans…….it makes me feel The Deity who has made me….He is No less…….
    HE is closer to me than my Jugular vein, for HE is God who has No limits, No Boundaries, No Hindrances to reach His Creation…..without Him this System of the entire Universe wouldn’t have ever worked…..
    It works because He wishes So…..
    Do I know Him???
    Yes, Yes and Yes……my Heart Feels Him…..and it Earnestly Desires to See Him in the Last Day, in The Hereafter!!


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