making us better?

making us better?

Extracts from a sermon preached this morning in Windsor –

On the Virtue of Prudence

 Getting to know people is fascinating! Sometimes we are introduced to others, often we introduce ourselves. The way we do that may be revealing. The most adept of social animals may help us by easing us into conversation through a well chosen question. My prize for the best opener goes to someone who enquired – ‘Hi Curly tops, so what’s your story?’

So what is the story? Sometimes we tell it to ourselves, and sometimes others tell others what they think our story may be. The narrative is always a compelling mixture of the seen and unseen, the outer and inner, the familiar and the foreign.

Last Sunday I asked you to consider the place of virtue in your story. You’ll remember, of course the seven godly virtues, justice, prudence, temperance and fortitude, faith, hope and love. In your story which of these virtues shines out? On your grave stone which of these virtues would you chisel into your legacy?

The actions of the imprudent teach us what to avoid. They speak much and know little; spend much and have little; sleep much and do little; learn much and apply little. They also fear what will make them stronger and not what will make them weaker. When it comes to relationships, they often cut what could have been untied. They sever relationships that could have been mended, for they are intolerant and impatient.

So – what is your story? And what place virtue in that narrative? In both the shape and the shaping of narrative may we remember that caution may be a good risk to take.

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