Love – free and untroubled?

Love – free and untroubled?


If loving means going out to things, and knowing means taking things in, then there is “a circle in the acts of the soul,” as Aquinas says, there is a knowing that comes of loving and there is a loving that comes of knowing.

It is like the great circle of love coming from God and returning to God.

In fact, as loving becomes knowing and knowing becomes loving, the circle of the soul becomes in us the great circle of the love of God.

It is true, the peaceful feeling that comes with gazing at mountains seems very different from the troubled feeling that comes with love, and especially with unrequited love.

If there is a circle here nonetheless in the acts of the soul, then perhaps the troubles of love can lead into the peace of wisdom and the roving eye can become the quiet eye. Here is the climb to the vantage point of vision.

Love has to become free and untroubled.

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