Jet Lag

Jet Lag

By the time you read this I (hope) that I shall have arrived back in England! I am flying Virgin Atlantic and they have flooded Chicago with adverts. There is a stretch of Michigan Avenue called the magnificent mile where most of the major retail outlets are and many of the famous skyscrapers. Virgin have hired huge sides of walls to announce that:

Only 3,990 magnificent miles to London – fly with us!!

Great advert but I do not really want to be reminded of all that distance…..I wonder when it was that you first flew and what the experience was like? 

I have been asking about jet lag – and wondering what it is. I understand that it is partly dehydration; partly the aftermath of being propelled through the air at such speed and partly the time difference. You will know by now that my brain and body is six hours behind yours so it will take a little bit of time to adjust. Mind over matter will only go so far in mending the time switches!

Now – back to the packing and final loose ends. Keep well and don’t forget to keep smiling. My mum tells me the weather has been been terrible in the UK – causing dad serious planting problems in the garden. 

Do me a favour – sort it out for me?? Please?!

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