In Praise of the train

In Praise of the train

It has been quite a week! On the way back from friends in Oxfordshire on Thursday I had a tyre explode …. quite an unpleasant shock! I managed to move the car over into the emergency lane without hitting anything else! I had a close shave with danger but was glad to come out of the accident in one piece! I will not bore you with the story of getting the wheel fixed, though I suspect my wallet will be 300 pounds lighter…

I depend less on the car here in Windsor. I can walk into town and find all that I need there. There are two train stations in the town and London is about half an hour away. For other journeys the car seems always to be the easy way out … this wasnt an option yesterday when I needed to travel to Sarum College for some teaching. So the train – and quite a journey….. from Windsor to Slough and Slough to Reading and Reading to Basingstoke and Basingstoke to Salisbury. All in two hours and I arrived feeling very relaxed ! Time to people watch. Time to stare out of the window. Time to think.

I just might try that option again.

And just in case you are wondering – the car gets fixed on Friday.

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