In Praise of…..

In Praise of…..

Johnny Cash!

Thanks to friends I have a recorder which helps me in my research and also gives me the chance to listen to music – I have mastered the art of downloading music – which is a great in the absence of radio and television.  My new discovery is Country and Western – (now stop that uncontrollable laughter) and the King – Johnny Cash. There is a wonderful collection of ballads – called Ultimate Gospel –


Its easy on the ear – a great combination of guitar and voice with an accompanying choir. I love this line from his commentary ‘I don’t sing to the dammed, I sing with the dammed’ – there are some wonderful lyrics and longings. There is something powerful about the spiritual and its echoes of our hopes and fears….. you can hear me singing along!

Now – St Marys Choir in cowboy hats – I wonder who will play the guitar? One of my better inspirations?

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