In praise of ……

In praise of ……


I am woken at 5 30 am by an extraodinary combination of noises – the wind off Lake Michigan, a helicopter and police sirens. Life in a city – as the clamour dies down and I come to I think that I am in my own bedroom in Temple House and then realize that I a long way from home. I lie and listen to the noise – do you ever do that of a morning? The reassuring sound of birds then eases me into some kind of consciousness.

The police here are having a difficult time controlling gun crime. There are disturbing accounts of daily shootings – I think connected with gangs and drugs. It is a reminder of the fragmentation and disorder of the world we live in – and some of it of our own making.

Saturday – washing and ironing – a visit to the cash machine and then my first adventure into the city. My destination is the Art Institue of Chicago and generally to see some of these skyscrapers at a closer distance. Nothing better than discovery.

In what ever way you wake up I pray that we shall all discover something new each and every day.

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