In praise of…

In praise of…


I dont know about your but this is a hive of activity and service to the good people of this town. A local councillor is doing his surgery with a queue of people hoping that their problems will be solved. I wonder how many are bothered about David Davies and the 42 days debate? There are three receptionists of the most helpful kind – they smile – even when they do not know the answer. There is a children’s corner with a group of delectable little ones beating the hell out of one another much to the amusement of parents or guardians – I hear the very occasional – ‘Dont do that Jason – its not nice’ – the heartfelt plea seems to fall on deaf ears as another page is ripped.

There are OAPs delivering books and warning the ladies of the town about one volume with ‘ too much bad language in this one dear’ – I can’t be certain but while the moral one has loses herself in the history section her friend decides that it might be just what she wants!

Neighbours gossip about the price of bread and petrol. There are posters advertising almost any and every conceivable leisure activity – I fancy belly dancing on a Tuesday in the local Masonic Hall. Anyone join me?

And last but not least there are those of us who ( hanks to the taxes) are granted half an hours free computer time. We are a funny lot! My neighbour is on E Bay – and hers is trying to book a holiday. One chap is on buying books on Amazon – with this library I wonder why!!

And in all this is me – typing away – and attempting to keep in touch with those who should have better things to do……(after they have read my blog!)

The public library – we need one in Temple Balsall – any offers of a funder??

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