Holiday Reading – Part One

Holiday Reading – Part One

Readers of my book reviews will certainly know that novels and thrillers are not particularly high up on my list.  This book, however, is absolutely wonderful.  Written by Robert Harris (The Ghost, Arrow books 2008), it really is a page-turner of the first order.  I had, of course, never heard of Harris who is boldly described as the No.1 best -selling author.  But this volume was stunning, persuasive, astonishing, gripping and perceptive.  Carefully and skilfully written Harris’ turn of phrase captures a scene, an exchange, a word with astonishing artistic brilliance.  As a writer, it was wonderful to see someone write so brilliantly well and for the theologian morality is explored with some humanity and depth.


The book starts with a death, the first piece of a jigsaw in a plot that threatens the survival of international security.  The central character is employed to be a ghost writer to Britain’s former Prime Minister.  Far fetched?  Not so – and the deception and intrigue are deep and compelling.


I’d ruin it for you if I disclosed any more.  Harris portrays a vivid imagination and a wonderful ability to grip a reader and take them into the unknown.  It’s in paperback and I think cheaply available on the shelves of Sainsbury’s!


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