Holiday Books – A Walk on Part by Chris Mullin

Holiday Books – A Walk on Part by Chris Mullin

Yes Minister meets Alan Clark. This third and final volume of Chris Mullin’s acclaimed diaries begins on the night John Smith died in May 1994, and continues until the moment of Mullin’s assumption into government in July 1999.

Together with the bestselling “A View from the Foothills” and “Decline and Fall”, the complete trilogy covers the rise and fall of New Labour from start to finish.

Witty, elegant and wickedly indiscreet, the Mullin diaries are widely reckoned to be the best account of the New Labour era. ‘Every once in a while,’ wrote David Cameron, ‘political diaries emerge that are so irreverent and insightful that they are destined to be handed out as leaving presents across Whitehall for years to come.’

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