Goodbye and thank you to VTS

Goodbye and thank you to VTS

By the time that my English friends read this I should be in the air flying off to Chicago – how time passes! American Airlines from Ronald Regan airport – how many of you remember him??

 I am full of gratitude to Virginia Theological Seminary for its warmth and hospitality over this month of April. I cannot tell you how heartening it is to see the Episcopal Church in such good heart – and to meet such impressive people. The committment of the Dean and his faculty staff to excellence in thinking and practice are impressive. The diversity of the student body is a rich treasure – and with women and men like this in ministry I can understand how people are being drawn into the Church and its proclaiming witness.

I have so much appreciated the time and the space to read and reflect – to think through the shape of theology and my committments – and to talk about so many different things with people. The openness and positivity of people are so life affirming.

There are many lessons – but this isn’t the place for them at the moment. Thank you to VTS and all those who make this community to work for a greater purpose. I hope that I might return some day and enjoy all the many delights of this place.

When I arrived in March – there was hardly a bud on the trees. Now there is green and colour and life and the birds are singing. I understand that the climate will be different In Chicago – we will see. It has been a joy to experience the wonders of spring life during this season of the fifty days of Easter that lead upto Ascension Day and Pentecost. Life and its goodness.

I suspect that my access to the internet will be a liitle more problematic in Chicago – I will keep you posted as circumstances allow. Keep well. Here are some images that express these feelings rather better than these brief words:





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