End of Summer Term – the College of St George.

End of Summer Term – the College of St George.

I have already indicated something of the  rhythms and patterns of the College – and this is very self-evident at the moment as we draw the summer term to a close.The school has started its summer holiday and the choristers are enjoying a well-deserved rest.Today the lay clerks sing their last services and change and holiday await them.There is a tangible sense that folks are ready for a break.For the clergy the rhythm of worship continues with said services and while we look forward to our respective holidays life and work continue.

As I write the Eucharist is being celebrated at the high altar and later this morning we shall gather for Matins followed by the Sung Eucharist. At the service this morning we shall say farewell to Sir Michael Hobbs the governor of the Military Knights of Windsor. Retirement finally awaits him and proper tribute will be paid to his long and distinguished service to this community particularly in the area of development and fundraising. we shall miss his presence, good humour and experience in and around the place.

At Evensong tonight we shall bid farewell to Canon John White who has spent a staggering 30 years here in Windsor. The college has a rather moving service of prayer and farewell built around Evensong and there follows a reception – hopefully outside – weather permitting! John is well-known throughout the Church of England for his independence of mind, his interest and appreciation of art, for his faithfulness, friendship and hospitality. There will be much to give thanks for this evening and we shall all wish him well as he moves into a new chapter.

Canon White ( bottom left)

July also brings the two-week clergy course (God: Some conversations) and we are enriched underprivileged by the presence of clergy from across this country and beyond.I shall reflect a little more about this in due course but it is good to have them here living alongside us and in their own particular way of style asking questions of us about our work! I have been particularly delighted by a wonderfully diverse group who I have been working with over the past six days – is much more to come but goodness what honesty, openness, skill and wisdom.

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