2 thoughts on “Discovery?

  1. There are more senses than sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell. These have identifiable organs. There are senses that are learned – balance, movement, a sense of truth and a sense of time. David Nash – wood sculptor

  2. Here is a diagram we all accept and take for granted. It seems to make sense and tally with ones viewpoint. Where has that perception originated from?

    Dear reader, be free, consider with Love, care. That image is correct, that image is wholly wrong.

    The Self constructed that image, putting it’s Self central. Self convinces itself, that image is correct. Both description and image, is of a Self that is centred. Self centred.

    Our world constructed by Self, centered upon it’s Self, escaping from the brutal reality of Self, has a consequence for the whole world. You are the world. Do we ‘add-up’? According to who’s value system? In who’s eyes?

    Can Self, centered, ever be humble, charitable, forgiving, compassionate, caring, Loving? Self convincing concepts of such are not Truth, but lies we tell ourselves. Because Truth, Compassion, Love and it’s Intelligence exist outside of Self.


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