Building Community

Building Community

People do not always get on with each other. There is infinite opportunity for misunderstanding. Despite best efforts we sometimes do not communicate well – and if we thought we were clear – that doesnt prevent the hearer picking up a different strand of the story!

Community does not just happen. It needs effort and care and patience. It needs tasks beyond itself to give us all aspirations. We need vision. We need to dream dreams.

Our Heritage Open Weekends give us a chance to stretch ourselves – sometimes to the limit – to test our patience and understanding. Here in Temple Balsall It is a weekend when we get to know each other – and build what is good.

Here is a glimpse of our community :

Tea and chat …… what are they talking about??

Keep an eye on Anne Cloke ( she is the wicked one on the right!)

Soem people just cant stop talking!

Sara introduced to the delights of whiskey and she was in Church the following day!

Val and Ruth ( who love having their picture taken!)


Thanks to this community for its life and work. See

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