Being Faithful ?

Being Faithful ?



Faithful living is mostly about spreading the good news through faithful relationships, built and nurtured over the long haul.

Con­gregations will continue to transform lives in new generations when they pay attention to what’s important: hospitality, the nur­ture of children and adults, and radical welcome to all who come seeking God.

Faith is fundamentally about relationship—and staying connected and working at those relationships when the going gets hard. Let us be known for our commitment to faithful, hospitable living.


One thought on “Being Faithful ?

  1. Absolutely right, if being faithful was being to oneself then it was surely not difficult for our Lord to give us a separate planet to live on!
    We live together in a social fabric which must be woven through threads of wisdom; where the highest form of wisdom is understanding our existence, purpose of life, people around us and the pinnacle being the realization of the presence of our Lord and His attributes! From

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