back to social media…..

back to social media…..


Lent moves into Holy Week and now on Holy Saturday I turn myself to some words for our Vigil this evening. This morning in St Georges Chapel I was again full of gratitude for this bit of sacred space – and especially its tomb like quality in the early morning light.

Some of my friends have been kind enough to say that they have missed me on FB – others with eagle eyes have spotted the occasional visit – to pick up messages and respond to requests. So I wonder what forty days absence means – if anything!


Here are some random thoughts:

1. I have saved time, and enjoyed a little more space, and realized that FB can so easily become a bored distraction from other more interesting matters.

2. I am  not sure what constitutes interesting, amusing or informative and have certainly not contribute to wisdom in understanding the hows and whys of communication.

3. I am sure that very often I am talking to myself and convincing myself of  what a fascinating life I have!

4. I have enjoyed ringing people up , sending cards or even making a bit more time to see people.

5. I have missed the pictures, the jokes, the surprises that come from what other people do and feel!

6. I have missed my blogging and gathering and sharing of odd ends of poetry, books and glimpses of shards of wisdom.

7. I have missed my little typed conversations with people at other ends of the country.

Worthwhile and fruitful – indeed – but now back with the shortcut in my favourite page and ( be warned ) a twitter account  and about to launch my overhauled website …… but first a holiday away from any of it! But after Easter Day (of course!!)

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