Back in our little old land of plenty!

Back in our little old land of plenty!

Well – I am back in the UK and still feeling the after effects of the unnatural business of modern flight! I am not going to go into the bizarre experience of public libraries and computers except to say that securing access to the machine has been harder and more complicated than understanding the theory of relativity !! It became so difficult to prove who I said I was – I had doubts about my existence! I hope that I haven’t acquired an American accent!

I flew into Heathrow and then travelled up to Temple Balsall. No Jones’ car which surprised me – perhaps she was baking? The back of Peter Larkin’s head – and a glimpse of Cliff Morrey – talking to someone in the middle of the Kenilworth Road (not a good idea Uncle Cliff – youll get knocked over and what then shall we do? I heard the Churchwardens chatting (I wonder what about?) and thought that the Mundell car went very well with Temple House but not as good a match as the Hill blue jag!! I wonder if he might pass it on if he becomes a world famous author? A wave and huge smile from Patricia Mallet and I was off – great to get my car moving.

It was a strange experience….. coming back to the familiar and here are the surprises and reasurances:

  • The cosy smallness of England. Roads and shops and highways and cars – all smaller!
  • The price of petrol (but nothing compared to the States – rather low there – why such a diffrence?)
  • Work begun on the school – no doubt causing traffic chaos!
  • The wondrous beauty of Temple Balsall – looking so full of life. I know that rain is a bore but it does bring out some wondrous things.
  • The sheer size of the new Sunrise living complex in Knowle. Who will live there??
  • The combination of the familiarity and strangeness of Temple House.
  • Access to tea – proper tea without bags….
  • The cost of living – I couldnt believe the food bill!
  • The changing political fortunes of Mr Brown.
  • Coffee tastes different here…..
  • We drive on the right side of the road

It is good to be back – and I look forward to making the most of June. As for the blog – keep your eyes posted.

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  1. Oh, so that was you in that fast red car. You should have dropped in for a coffee!!! Cliff

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