And be Thankful

And be Thankful

For those if you who know your Bible you will be able to find the source of these three words! As the second leg of my sabbatical draws to a close I am full of gratitude – to people back home and here who have made this extraordinary experience possible.

I love this city and its noise and energy and positive feel. I have learnt so much – and visited places – even within myself – that I would not have thought possible. I have been quite amazed at the generosity of people who have been prepared to share their time and wisdom. And being away from a familiar place has helped me make all kinds of connections. 

My last couple of days have been spent with friends and catching up on some of this city’s musts! Thanks to the Creative Director of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra I enjoyed a Box seat for the concert on Friday afternoon. It was full of the most marvellous ladies in hats who had clearly enjoyed a couple of lunch time martinis! Here was the list of must dos before the flight!

  • two visits to the Chicago Symphony Hall with great classical music
  • the Museum of Contemporary Art – where the people and the building were more interesting than the exhibits!
  • the Museum of Jewish History
  • A river trip
  • A historical architectural tour
  • Shopping for a baseball cap (for my Dad!)
  • Blues and Jazz club (late night)  
And all achieved – I nearly bought myself a cap to cover my greying hair. The barber on Michegin Avenue told me it looked distinguished which secured her five dollar tip. Why are men so taken in by flattery?
My final anxiety is whether everything will go in the suitcase and what the possibilities are of my charming the attendant on the Virgin desk to let my overweight case on the flight.
And so to June. And so to another phase – the final one of my sabbatical. I am looking forward to absorbing some of the notes in my four black notebooks (remember the blog?) and with 220 pages in each of them I hope I can read my scribble!
It will be good to have a clear focus and be free of people and telephone for a while. No email either!! Great – a retreat. It has been good to connect with many in the States and beyond and now some time to absorb and reflect and read.
I have so many stories to tell and a mountain of jokes…… I can hear you groan!!
Keep well…… the end is nearly in sight and so be thankful!! or not !

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