A week in the life of… Part three Monday!

A week in the life of… Part three Monday!

It’s Monday morning at the start of the working week and the beginning of three weeks of being Canon in residence here at St George’s Chapel Windsor.The May sunshine continues to exceed expectations and it gives everyone such a extraordinary sense of holiday.many many visitors crowd the Castle and it’s difficult to negotiate oneself through them as eagerly they attempt to absorb much of the experience of this ancient place.gladly my parents are still with me and so I decided to join the tourists for three quarters of an hour while the guard is changed.This is   a colourful tradition with the music of a band and all the movement and  ceremonial of the Army and air force at its best.I capture a few rather inadequate pictures and my parents, I think, are glad to have had the experience.

This morning we began reading the book of Joshua and I’m looking forward to how how this great narrative moves forward.it is a great skill reading scripture in public and one that needs to be constantly practised and attended to.  My colleagues handle the reading of Scripture in different ways and there is much to be learned from the way in which they attend to the verses chapters of both the Old and New Testaments.

At the Eucharist we are challenged by the story of the rich young man who comes to Jesus asking what he must do to inherit eternal life.a good man who has dutifully obeyed all Commandments seems unable to respond to the challenge of Jesus to go away and sell all his possessions. It is the profoundest and most radical of the teachings of Christ and as someone who has just recently moved back into his refurbished house it demands that I look again at how much investment I have in possessions, and indeed what my attitude to wealth really is.

After some bits and pieces of the administration I chair the weekly diary meeting necessary for all departments to get together and coordinate what’s going on in and around the college.Tonight is the annual St George’s house lecture in the presence of his Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh and her  Royal Highness the Princess Alexandra.together with over 500 guests we shall listen to Asst Commissioner Cressida Dick explore some of the challenges of modern policing.Dinner follows and it’s always an opportunity to meet at new people and have the privilege of engaging in stimulating conversation.

Events like these take a huge amount of time and effort to prepare and the team at St George’s house have been busy for weeks ensuring that the details of drawing such an event together are all attended to.

I know little about law and order and in a busy and complex city like London it’s important that we should listen to those in charge of the Metropolitan police as they seek to fulfil their responsibilities in this ever more fragile world.

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