A week in the life of… Part 4 – Saturday.

A week in the life of… Part 4 – Saturday.

The Diamond Jubilee celebrations are now well underway with the Queen having just arrived in Epsom for the Derby! Windsor is full of visitors streaming through the Castle and Chapel.On days like this it’s very difficult to fight your way through to the shops with excited and I suspect slightly jetlagged tourists determine to soak up every inch and moment of the place. after a fairly unpromising start to the day with an interesting mixture of fine rain and warm air it has certainly brightened up – sitting at my desk in my study in number six the cloisters high above the River Thames with a wonderful view over the town. It is perhaps hard to describe but the sense of space and the sheer vastness of the skies are the main features of this scene.

I had a rather slow start to the morning with one of my colleagues taking the services in my place as Canon in residence which allowed a little more sleep and an opportunity to catch up on various domestic tasks.

Since I wrote earlier in the week I’ve had a fairly constant stream of bits and pieces of administration – more necessary and important and each demanding care and attention.My parents arrived last Saturday and very gladly I was able to take my mother on Tuesday to a Buckingham Palace garden party.It was a wonderful bright afternoon and many hundreds of people filled the lawns at tea tents –  I am always surprised on occasions like this have many people want bumps into and it was good to connect with some old friends. my mother looked splendid in her hat and we wandered around the gardens and enjoyed  our tea  and excellent food.

Outside the palace there was a great deal of activity going on getting ready for the Jubilee celebrations.The Mall looked wonderful with its large union Jack flags.

As Canon steward I take responsibility for the stewardship of the 52 mediaeval buildings which make up the College of St George.This includes the Chapel.The Stewards Team or works department are constantly busy meeting the many varied demands.This week this has included such important but vital weekly tasks as the delivery of messages and post to each of our departments that as well as the rather more complicated business of providing a longer term solution for the poor heating in the dungeon (this was indeed used as a dungeon in times gone by but is now a rather attractive venue for meetings and parties!) I meet on a regular basis with the clerk of works and my PA to keep track of the work and to attempt together to plan for a range of work that needs careful attention.

In anticipation of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee there is on Thursday evening rather good reception to mark the opening of a exhibition of Royal memorabilia.This is been gathered together by Tim O’Donovan, a great friend of the College, who around the Dean’s cloister has produced a wonderful collection of photographs from every decade of the Queens reign.

We have a foundation trustees meeting and I need to see a couple of people by way of follow-up.Keeping track of matters in hand is always easier said than done!

So as the sun struggles to shine through I must get back to my sermon for tomorrow which is Trinity Sunday and see if I can we then some sense and wisdom into the text.Tonight we have a special Evensong to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee with a sermon from the Dean and prayers offered for a joyful celebration over the coming weekend.

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