A new Bishop?

A new Bishop?


From the Guardian Diary page……

At this, the beginning of our week, let us give thanks for the elevation of the Reverend Donald Allister. Who is he, you ask? So did we. But last week, rather quietly, he was unveiled by Downing Street as the new Bishop of Peterborough. Whole new ball game now. National press, Thought for the Day on Radio 4. What do we know about him? Well, at the moment the   Allister is archdeacon of Chester, and has a fine track record, including the reported banning of baptisms for children whose parents are not married. He also refused to sully a marriage ceremony with the hymns chosen by the couple concerned, on the grounds that he found them noncommittal at best in their attitude to God. No to Jerusalem, he declared. As for I Vow to Thee My Country, not in my church, said the Rev. “Liberalism is one of Satan’s greatest weapons against the church,” was his pronouncement in 1993, which makes us think that Mel of the Mail might like him. But on the Thinking Anglicans website, opinions are mixed. “Sounds like an exemplary fellow,” says one observer. Sounds like “an embarrassment”, says another. Churchgoing just got more interesting in the Fens.

Well let us see – but Im feeling just a bit uncomfortable!

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